About Leading With Power

Building up men to be better husbands, fathers, leaders at work and leaders in the community.

Who We Are

We believe men should be in charge of making their own decisions for growth and improvement in their lives. We are not meant to be the church and we are not the faithless. Our group is based on timeless Christian principles of leadership and balance. Our group is present to stoke the flames in men's hearts to help them become the best versions of themselves they can be. 

Leading With Power

Designed to provide a comfortable, worry free, and non-judgemental venue and environment that is positive and uplifting.
Leading With Power (LWP) is a non-profit group that works and thrives off of donations of time, energy, and effort. LWP sessions are held once each month, over the lunch hour from 11:45 to 1 pm, from September through May. Currently LWP hosts sessions in Lake Hallie, La Crosse, Wausau, and Des Moines.

Those in attendance are provided a buffet style meal followed by a provocative and engaging speaker focused on the core mission mentioned above. In many cases this involves the speaker presenting about leadership in reference to their own lives, past experiences, failures, and successes. At times this can be faith based or secular in nature, as it is up to the speaker to have the freedom to choose their topic and message. The time in fellowship together is meant to be light hearted, fun, with a simple and uplifting message.

LWP at its core is focused on men at every different juncture of their walk, in faith or no faith at all. Leading With Power is looking for all men of this world who are looking for encouragement and who wish to improve their lives in their homes, work, and in the community. Leading With Power is a tool for men who might also desire accountability and encouragement, and those who simply need to hear some inspiring words. All men walking or running the race of life are encouraged to attend.

Keith Tompkins and his wife, Terri, were on vacation five years ago, heard God’s message to create a men’s organization to help men understand their goodness and role as leaders in families, communities and faith organizations. Upon arriving home from vacation, he contacted an individual that he planned to be the first speaker. The man said that he knew Keith would be calling to ask him to speak for this new organization, even though Keith had not shared with anyone but his wife who was on vacation with him the plan for the organization. The man agreed to speak, as he knew God was calling him to do so. The organization started in one location, Lake Hallie, bringing men come together monthly sharing lunch with each other, to hear a presentation and have an opportunity to connect with other men who yearn for a different kind of power, the model Jesus Christ has gifted to us. Today, La Crosse, Wausau, Des Moines, and Madison communities have joined the organization.
If you want to go fast then travel alone. If you want to go far, travel together. 
Life is just sweeter with others on the journey. You need to find great friends as they are the ones who will expect more from you and help guide you back on track when you are not living up to the standards you have expressed, or when you are not leaning in the direction of becoming the best “you” possible.
Josh Kaurich


Building up men to be better husbands, fathers, leaders at work and leaders in the community.